Some Link Building Tips to Share with You‏

1, Moderation and diversification are important principles in anchor text selection. Do your homework and identify a set of valuable derivates such as “men’s winter jackets” and “cheap men’s jackets.” Diversifying the keywords within your link profile will help it appear natural.

An anchor text usage rule of thumb that we’ve seen success with looks something like this:

50 percent containing the exact match keyword.
30 percent to 40 percent containing keyword derivatives.
10 percent to 20 percent containing brand terms/URL.
Diversification not only relates to the anchor text but to the proportion of “follow” and “nofollow” links within your profile. Many link builders make the mistake of acquiring an abundance of “follow” links to the point where it makes up nearly 100 percent of the profile. Does this look natural? No.

2, Avoid pointing links to the home page when link building to non-brand terms. Diversification again comes into play here and you want URLs that have the best chance of converting to be the page that ranks for a given term.

Strive for a healthy mix of links coming in at you category pages, sub-category pages, and product-level pages. If you are link building with the anchor text “men’s jackets” this should be pointing into your category level page that is optimized for “men’s jackets” with an internal linking structure that is supporting the URL for that keyword.

3, Relevance and quality really do matter and will set you up for a sustainable link building campaign. Whether you’re acquiring links through blogging, video distribution, infographics, whitepapers, press releases, webinars or distributing articles, always keep your focus on the end user and the value that your content offers them.

-Susie Huang


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