Digital Marketing Aganecy And Client Relationship is a Marriage

Aganecy And Client Relationship

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I read a very interesting article today (Acquiring Media Planning Business in a ‘New Normal’ Ageai???) talking about media planning agency and client relationship. I would love to share some information from the article with you.
1, The article asks the question: what does the client really want? They want to pay less and get more. But because they do Not understand the scope of work involved in planning and managing digital campaigns, they usually can only get this at the expense of expertise or integrity. The pressure for the agencies to reduce fees can result in “an inability to sustain profitable margins on digital media management service,”
2, Nowadays, digital marketing serviceai??i??s “Standard practices” seem to be out the window. Those of us who specialize in digital used to be unique;Ai??now any company even a one-man web design shop claims to offer online media services, and the result not only confuses the buyer but has lent itself to a commoditization of the very expertise that digital requires. The author mentions there is lack of understanding that good online media planning requires true experience and intellectual property.
3, Last but not least, the author reinforces that there must be a fair exchange of knowledge and collaboration between the client and their agency partner, which I couldnai??i??t agree with more. Agencies need to listen first and really take time to learn the clientsai??i?? business before they can come up a strategy and execution plan.
This relationship between the marketing agency and the client is like a marriage. There are many quickie Las Vegas-style weddings last when the spouses really don’t know one another and are instead jaded by each other’s facades. The clients need to examine upfront if the selected agency is actually a good cultural fit and partner for the client.

-Susie Huang Buy duetact cost

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