Effectiveness vs. Difficulty of SEO Tactics

SEO Tactics

MarketingSherpa just released 2012 search marketing benchmark report. There is one benchmark report I found interesting. Please see the attached 3 dimensional view of SEO tactics. The chart analyzes the effectiveness and difficulty of SEO tactics.

Very effective and commonly used tactics: Keyword and keyword phrase research, Title tags, URL structure
Very effective but have high degree of difficulty tactics: Blogging, external link building and content creating.

So content creation works the best, but takes the most work. The study also mentions good content should have strong customer-oriented language, good layouts and clear call to actions.

Digital asset optimization is becoming a serious consideration. Traditional SEO focuses on optimizing text content and DAO expands the net to all types of non-text assets such as images, video, PDFs, podcasts, blogs, RSS, and other type assets. Most of these are social media related.

Hope you find this useful!

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