B2B Lead Generation

There are several key elements to be considered in developing a successful lead generation program for B2B business. The topics are wide and the range is broad. We will assist you in conceptualizing and subsequently implementing successful campaigns that deliver exceptional results. It is our objective to help your business establish itself as a strong voice in the industry and present an in-depth discussion to allow prospects to make intelligent decisions.
Although lead generation is difficult and requires many variables to align in order to produce results, if lead generation services are able to provide cost effect sustainable results, it is the only method completely within your control available to sustain your company’s growth. Unlike advertising, lead generation puts the control of new business generation in your hands.

Content Marketing, Lead Generation & Nurturing for B2B Businesses

  • Content Strategy Development – determine what information your target market finds relevant to the challenges they face in their jobs and/or industry in general
    • Discovery Phase& Objectives Set up
    • Competitors Content Review & Analysis
    • Content Roadmap Definition with Unique Value
    • Content Vehicles & Resources Proposal
    • Content Plan Outline
  • Connect marketing and sales byCRM Integration
    • Set up/Review of the Existing Systems
    • Research and recommend lead tracking/scoring/northing systems
    • Integrate marketing front end tracking with back end lead tracking
  • Lead Scoring
    • Review current selling cycle & sales team’s capacity
    • Analyze existing lead scoring model, if any
    • Suggest improvements to the lead workflow if necessary
    • Set up a new scoring model logic or update the existing one
    • Achieve Sales Management buy-in
  • Create the roadmap for lead nurturing process
  • Set up the customer retention and win back strategies
  • Set up automated lead re-engagement email campaign logic
Our lead generation services are based on years of experience and being up-to-date on all the most recent developments and best practices.
What Kind Of Results Your Company Will See?

  • A continuous pipeline of qualified sales opportunities
  • Increased knowledge of who the most viable prospects are in your market
  • Focus on the key decision makers in each of your target organizations
  • Improved sales team effectiveness and more targeted selling time
  • More predictable revenue growth
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