Close Loop Marketing

With the help of the Inbound Marketing approach, you can look at your entire sales and marketing funnel – from prospects to leads to customers – and overlay your marketing activities on top of that. This will give you the ability to figure out what marketing activities drive traffic, and, more importantly, what produces results. This closes the loop between marketing and sales, making both teams more effective. Let us help you:

  • Establish a strong lead pipeline
  • Properly track those leads through the sales cycle so you can determine how much revenue a particular campaign generated
  • Qualify leads and only send Sales the ones that are “sales ready”
  • Set up nurturing campaigns for leads that are not “sales ready”

Lead Tracking and Business Intelligence

Knowing your customers is everything. Do you know where your traffic is coming from – which websites, blog links, keyword searches and which other sources? This information is most helpful if you plan to track the number of touch points with your leads and knowing the paths that led to conversion.

Tracking information about every prospect can produce valuable intelligence. With detailed information about every lead, you’ll be able to produce a better sales pipeline, while determining which activities are driving the highest quality prospects into your sales funnel.

  • Content Strategy Development – determine what information your target market finds relevant and the challenges they face in their jobs and/or industry in general
    • Discovery phase & objectives set up
    • Competitive content review & analysis
    • Content roadmap definition and set up
    • Content sources selection
    • Content marketing plan outline
  • Connection of the Marketing and Sales by CRM Integration
    • Review current selling cycle & sales team’s capacity
    • Analyze existing lead scoring model, if any
    • Suggest improvements to the lead workflow if necessary
    • Integrate marketing front end tracking with back end lead tracking
    • Set up a new scoring model logic or update the existing one
  • Create the roadmap for lead nurturing process
  • Lead Tracking Platform Management
    • Select a tool that can align sales and marketing
    • Develop analysis and tracking processes to close the gaps by measuring and optimizing marketing’s contribution to sales and revenue
    • Utilize the tool to analyze and maximize the quantity and quality of leads delivered to sales