Mobile Applications Marketing

With the mobile app industry growing in leaps and bounds, every other app store ai??i?? be it Apple’s App Store or BlackBerry’s App World or the Android Marketplace ai??i?? are cluttered with thousands of apps. Breaking through the clutter is our prerogative to help our clients reach out to consumers.

According to multiple sources, data consumption through apps has eclipsed web data consumption and mobile apps represent a great opportunity for businesses providing a new way to engage with your customers. However, a lot of companies think that just creating an app will make them look cutting edge and successful without realizing that unless it is perfectly launched and marketed to monetization, there are quite a few challenges that need to be overcome.

Searchgency team can help you design a fully branded mobile experience and leverage your APPortunity.Ai?? Keeping your target consumers in mind, Searchgency can design custom campaigns that will help you make it to the leading positions. With our keen understanding of the mobile application development, we can lay out a solid marketing plan for your app with a pre-launch, launch, and post-launch strategy framework, whether it applies to iPhone, Android, or iPad,

For the apps to retain their popularity and top positions, we formulate an extensive mobile apps promotion and execute it all the way through. Our promotion and marketing experts constantly track and monitor the app downloads and suggest solutions such as upgrades, new versions, and value-adding features. Let us help you design and employ the right marketing strategy to make your app hit the top positions in app stores.


  • making your app retain its top positions and popularity
  • stay popular for a period of time
  • prevent user APP-apathy by suggesting/promoting new upgrades, additions, value-added features

We will leave no stone unturned when it comes to promoting your app and driving the maximum number of downloads for it. Let us help you keep your app ever-new by promoting your upgrades and offering suggestions for such upgrades. Searchgency team will make sure that your app users will continuously return.

Searchgencyai??i??s end-to-end application marketing services include:

Let us help you design and execute a perfect launch for your app. Our understanding of every app store environment and ranking algorithms helps us guide our clients in the best possible way.