Mobile Marketing

Mobile advertising is one of the strongest advertising platforms available with a diverse range of advertising opportunities available, including mobile web advertising, mobile application advertising SMS advertising and more.

The acceleration of mobile media consumption, driven by adoption of smartphones, 3G/4G networks are largely responsible for providing a ripe environment for advertisers looking to reach consumers through a variety of platforms including mobile browsers, apps and SMS. Mobile Web is rapidly becoming a source of information, entertainment and transaction platform for those on the go and away from a PC. Mobile Web provides access to news, sports, weather, entertainment, shopping sites and much more.

More and more companies realize that they need to have a strategy in place that will capture all the possible touch points where consumers and other businesses are seeking to engage. Mobile is one of them. The flexibility and targeting that mobile marketing can offer is one-of-a-kind and allows companies to target a demographic by all of the standard online capabilities such as day-parting, keywords, geo-location, device capabilities, operating device and service provider. Understanding this opportunity, including the infrastructure and business model necessary to make it a reality will enable you to develop and sustain deeper, more profitable customer relationships than ever.

Whether you are looking for reach, engagement, leads or actions, we deliver a suite of both rich and fundamental solutions required to meet your unique needs. Our expert team will help you integrate seamlessly into your existing online marketing strategy.

Searchgency-Mobile Marketing Services:

  • Integrated Mobile Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile Display
  • Mobile PPC
  • Mobile SEO
  • SMS Marketing
  • Mobile Web Design and Development
  • Social Mobile Promotion
  • Reporting

Mobile advantages:

  • powerfully accurate channel that delivers relevant communications and instantly engages users with content
  • quick and convenient gateway to information and services for people on the move
  • effective marketing channel that provides excellent tracking capabilities

Our Services:

  • Integrated Mobile Marketing Strategy: As soon as the first mobile campaign rolls out, customer expectations become high. Having responded to a mobile campaign, they assume that the brand will be readily available everywhere and this is where we come in. Searchgency can help you create a seamless experience enabling potential clients to easily toggle from online to offline in order to keep the momentum going.First and foremost, we would have to make sure we have a clear understanding of the big picture before we fill in the details. Then, we will check to see whether your web sites, both regular and mobile (if such exists), are optimized the right way. Afterwards, we will lay out the full strategy and outline the best way to target your prospects while tracking the results and generating ROI.
  • Mobile Display: Mobile display is a good distribution method for reaching out and optimizing customer’s mobile experience with the brand. It is a great way to start a conversation with the potential customer. Oftentimes our clients don’t know how successful they can be until they make the right effort. Searchgency can help you develop the structure plan and schedule for delivering the right offer to the right pull of prospects to show their interest. They can go to a mobile landing page or easily click to talk to a sales representative.
  • Mobile PPC: Mobile PPC is extremely important for businesses that care about capturing a share of potential customers searching for their products and services on their mobile devices. The potential is enormous and we at Searchgency help our clients take full advantage of this rapidly growing medium while reaping the benefits of low cost-per-click prices, early experiences, testing and historical data gathering.

Searchgency Mobile PPC Services:
Google mobile PPC search ads are keyword-targeted text ads that are served on the mobile phones of an ever-growing audience. Searchgency provides Google PPC search management services helping its clients extend their brand message, products and services to millions of mobile phone users through the Google Adwords search ad network.
Searchgency’s Mobile PPC management includes:

  • Mobile search keyword research and selection
  • Determine projected rank position for each selected keyword phrase, estimate monthly number of click-throughs and assessment of the maximum average bid cost
  • Determine daily/monthly ad campaign budget
  • Grouping of selected keyword phrases into “themed” ad groups
  • Writing unique headlines and ad text for each ad or ad group in accordance to the mobile ad submission guidelines
  • Testing mobile ad rendering for standard mobile ad campaign ads through the Google Adwords mobile ad preview feature
  • Optimization of existing landing pages for proper rendering on mobile phones or the development of a special Adwords Business page
  • Resolving any problems regarding Google AdWords rejected mobile ads
  • Day parting set-up by scheduling on what days and times mobile ads will run
  • Daily monitoring of keyword performance (traffic, sales, cost per acquisition and return on investment numbers), keyword evaluation and adding, removing and reconfiguring of keyword phrases, ad groups and ad copy to grow the total number of productive keyword phrases on a monthly basis
  • Ongoing optimizing of keyword bids for bid positions that yield the best return on pre-determined business objectives, e.g. Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Profit Margin (PM) and Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Periodic campaign structural reorganization by breaking existing ad groups into separate groups, with new ads and different landing pages
  • Create and test multiple ads for each keyword or keyword group to improve average click-through rate, raise average position and decrease cost-per-click
  • Ongoing monitoring of lost impression share due to insufficient budget or due to poor Ad Rank (Google AdWords only)
  • Incorporate and expand the current campaign with new landing pages as required

Mobile PPC search benefits:

  • Extended PPC search reach due tothe increasing number of Internet users using their mobile phones to search
  • Early adopter advantage
  • Local search to promote local products and services through pay-per-click and pay-per-call search advertising. An estimated 25 percent of mobile searches have a local intent

Mobile SEO

At Searchgency, we help companies establish the right Web site architecture as well as make sure that the Web site coding and content are all properly aligned, as all of these play a huge roll in how your site will rank in mobile search results. Searchgency team will ensure that your company’s website ranks well in on-deck mobile search, off-deck mobile search and mobile search applications.

SMS Marketing

With 5 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world there is a great opportunity out there for every company but not many of them take advantage. SMS is a great advertising channel and is becoming one of the most effective ways to reach prospects on a more personal level. Unlike email, SMS has been initially received negatively for being a new form of spam, however, if positioned correctly, SMS can become one of the most effective advertising channels for your business.

Searchgency team can help you build compelling text message marketing campaigns that will engage your most valuable customers, boosting retention, referrals and revenues.

Mobile Web Design and Development:

Today, most of the websites are not optimized for mobile and many are not compatible with today’s mobile devices. Searchgency will help you build and optimize your mobile Web site, providing maximum usability to both smart phones and feature phones alike. In many cases, we recommend building a mobile site with mobile-specific content, as mobile users are likely seeking a different set of information than those browsing by computer. Searchgency will help you create a mobile-optimized version of your site specifically for mobile audiences so that you can quickly start funneling your mobile visitors to where they need to go.

Mobile and Social:

Mobile and social media marketing make consumers stop what they are doing and open your message, engages customers on their most personal devices and channels such as mobile phones, Facebook and more. It also drives response as a stand-alone channel and modifies performance of other channels both online and offline. Let us show you how you can take advantage of mobile marketing and start building an ongoing relationship with your consumers today. With our reporting we will accurately track your ROI, keeping all the activity measurable, adaptable and accountable.

Searchgency will help you create a mobile website that will enable your customers to interact and do business with your brand. Leverage the power of text message marketing to grab attention and drive a response. Deploy iPhone, iPad, Droid and BlackBerry apps to engage consumers and enhance brand loyalty. Integrate your offline, on-the-floor, digital and social media marketing efforts to maximize results. Optimize your social media and websites including your Facebook Page.

Let us help you take full advantage of the interactive wireless media that will allow your company to provide your customers with time and location sensitive, personalized information about your product, service or idea, generating value and ultimately revenue.