Search & Social Media

In today’s highly competitive online space, Search and Social Media functions are less effective as distinct channels within a marketing program and work better as a coordinated effort. Integration of these two channels makes sense for a variety of reasons when considering evolving consumer information discovery behaviors.

At Searchgency, we start out by researching and discovering how consumers prefer to discover, consume and share information about your product or service online. We always encourage our clients to focus on content that engages and then take it to the next level by making this great content easy to find via social channels and links which will produce more relevant search engine traffic.

Searchgency team of experts can help you make your search and social media programs more effective by making them work in tandem.  We will help you develop an approach that focuses on customer centric content that’s keyword and social media optimized. We will then follow how content is consumed and shared while monitoring and engaging to develop relationships. Our main goal is to always keep the business objectives in mind and measure short and long term results.

Let us follow the journey of your prospects and create a roadmap from discovery to buying your products to becoming an evangelist. We know how to create the “recipe” that’s right for you