Conversion Path Optimization

The process of landing page optimization requires more than adding good copy, flashy design, or scattering a few calls to action throughout the page. One very important determining factor is your visitors, i.e. target customers. Before we can recommend a brand new page design, we evaluate your existing page from your visitor’s perspective. We dig deep to understand what worked in it and what did not. Only then are we able to determine if we should go with a new landing page.

Your existing landing page can work as the perfect jumping board for optimization. Our process of optimizing a landing page includes assessment of the current page performance through analytics and heat maps to pinpoint areas of weakness in the page, page optimization and A/B and multivariate testing.

Our team can help you develop a clear systematic process for how and what to test the landing pages for with the specific goal to improve your conversion rate over a period of time. We use tactics like day parting, geo-targeting, demographic targeting, as well as search behavioural targeting and retargeting to fine tune your campaigns.