Keyword Research, Generation (Expansion), Grouping, and Bidding

Proper keyword research is crucial to online success. We will help you identify the best possible keywords that will convert visitors into paying customers. Carefully targeting your campaign from the beginning will save money and ensure greater success.

Keywords will be generated from various sources including but not limited to website copy, search engine tools, and competitive reviews to ensure relevant queries receive maximum exposure. As keywords are tested and proven they will be organized into top performing, mid performing, and low performing. This tiered approach will help determine keyword efficiencies and allow for optimization and increased testing opportunities.

Our goal is to discover as many related terms, keyword variations, synonyms, and misspellings for your business as we can as starting out with a big list of keywords is great for testing purposes. We will then narrow down your list as we find out what’s working and what’s not. Within each of the set up ad groups we will then identify highly focused keywords in close relation to each other. There is no set number of recommended ad groups or keywords within each ad group, but the smaller and tighter each ad group is the better.

As keywords are tested, appropriate bid levels will be determined for each keyword based on the performance, which will in turn ensure that budget dollars are spent efficiently. Regular optimizations of keywords and ad text will help save dollars and allow for increased bids on top performing keywords and the testing of new keywords and initiatives.