Landing Page Design

A good search landing page has to have all of its elements working together to persuade visitors to take an action through a single page which requires a deep analysis of whom you are targeting, what they are looking for, and what is the most relevant message that will appeal to the masses, yet feel personalized enough for every individual visitor. A successful landing page functions as a funnel-point for users – it is a step towards persuading a user to become a client or customer.

Searchgency team will ensure that your landing pages provide the visitors with what they are looking for by helping you select the best call to action, ensuring the page is not too wordy, has relevant images, product shots, and pricing where relevant. Our unique approach allows us to design landing pages with your particular target market in mind, helping you achieve highest conversion rates. We will help you to:

  • Build trust and increase users’ confidence on the page through relevant copy and content
  • Enhance customers experience through better usability
  • Test using multivariate or A/B testing scenarios
  • Increase your conversion rates and maximize campaign ROI

  • Whether your landing page is designed to capture orders directly or funnel orders to your ecommerce website our landing page consulting will help you.